Shodor Webmail: Choose a Client

Shodor's Gmail

Please use your full Shodor email address ( and your shodor password for login. If it is your first time logging in, please read the information in the link below for setting up your Google Apps for Shodor account.

Setting up your Google Apps (Gmail) for Shodor Account

Google Apps provides a number of significant features such as enhanced webmail interface, spam filters, greater storage capacity, collaboration tools, and of course no downtime. Therefore, Shodor decided to move its mail services to Google Apps. Please use Gmail with your Shodor credentials from now on for email purposes.

Due to the combination of positive feedback for RoundCube Mail, but also its lack of certain functionality needed by some users, we are going to keep both Webmail clients online until one of them is no longer used (as shown by the web logs).

As both clients have their advantages and disadvantages, and both access the same set of IMAP folders, we are going to support both for now.

Roundcube Mail

RoundCube is an AJAX based webmail client with an interface similar to Thunderbird, Outlook, and other "fat client" mail clients. Its advanced interface may cause issues with older/slower computers on marginal connections (not recommended for dialup), and it lacks some of the advanced features that Squirrelmail offers. Roundcube should be considered Beta quality software; known bugs include the inability to reliably safe preview pane preferences, a semi-functional spell checker, and occasional javascript lockups.
WARNING: Roundcube does NOT play well with IE 6. If you are using IE 6 (not IE 7), use Squirrelmail.


Squirrelmail is a traditional HTML based webmail client with more of a classic webmail interface. It has a great deal of advanced functionality and works very well even under marginal conditions (dialup, old/slow computer, mobile devices, etc). Its feel is old and dated, but Squirrelmail is generally very reliable.

We strongly recommend that you just bookmark your preferred mail client, and use that instead of this page. If you have any questions or problems, please send e-mail to the e-mail address rt-sysadmin at the domain